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Life Drawing and Printmaking

Circus Drawing - Charcoal on paper A1
Circus Blue - Woodcut on paper- A4
Circus Day
Circus red - woodcut on paper - A4
Circus Drawing 2 - Charcoal on Paper A1
Feathers and Flounce - Acrylic on paper A1
Fox - woodcut on rag paper - A5
Female Nude - Ink on paper A3
Moving Man extract - pencil on paper
Male Model - ink on paper A3
Seated Man - conte on paper A2
Midas Touch - screenprint on paper - 50cm x 40cm
Circus Drawing 3 - charcoal on paper A1
Circus Drawing 4 -Charcoal Drawing A1
Moving Woman 2 - Acrylic on canvas 84 x 60cm
Moving Woman - Charcoal on Paper A1
Past/Future - woodcut on paper - A5
Red Woman - acrylic on paper A5
Tripple goddess - woodcut on rag paper - A5
Mother and Child - Woodcut print 60 x 40cm